‘What A Custom Sirji’: Tycoon walks out of airport without baggage screening

Jaipur: Chinks in Customs vigil and gross negligence came to light at Jaipur Airport on Saturday when a tycoon had a “free exit” from the airport without the immigration and mandatory screening. For fliers from the foreign sector, immigration and Customs examination has to be conducted and this goes without saying. The person in focus is the chairman of JCB group Lord Bamford and the slackness… was… thanks to Air India and Customs department officials.

The rules and regulations, it seemed were tossed out of the window in order to welcome the tycoon from Britain and when he arrived at Jaipur, the Customs check was not conducted, as a result, he walked out of the airport. The incident occurred around 11:45 am.

The Standard Procedure

On arrival, passport and visa documents of each and every passenger from the international circuit is checked minutely by the officials of immigration and Customs department. Thereafter, their baggage also undergoes X-ray scanning. Without getting the clearance from these two agencies, passengers aren’t allowed to step out of the airport. The ground handling agency has the sole responsibility of conducting these tests.

Chairman of JCB Group Lord Bamford and an associate had arrived in a private aircraft M-JCBB from Seletar airport, Singapore at 11:30 am.

Air india staff conducted their immigration checks and clearance was given after their travel documents were found to be correct.

Thereafter, there was no official at Custom desk! In such a scenario, Air India staff should have called the concerned officials; instead, they escorted both of them out of the airport. Neither was their luggage scanned nor checked.

Questions are being asked to ascertain the reason for this kind of negligence. Customs department has put the blame on Air India staff!

After the news was telecast on First India, Airport Director Jaideep Singh Balhara said an inquiry was being conducted and action will be taken.

It is being feared that even as “this” incident came to light, maybe some more cases of lapses could have be “committed” thanks to the slackness of the concerned personnel.