Work towards developing proper road network: Sachin Pilot

Jaipur: Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said that work will be done in every direction to properly develop the road network in the state. All the projects have been prepared at the level of PWD department officials and they will be started soon.

Pilot said that on NH-72 Baran-Aklera road, the construction of Kawai bypass and Chhipabarod bypass will be started this month. A total of around Rs. 152 crores will be spent under the National Highway (EPC) plan to build both the Kawai bypass (8.7 km by a spend of Rs. 79 crores) and Chhipabarod bypass (9.2 km by a spend of Rs. 73 crores).

After the completion of the bypass construction work, the people of Chhabra, Manoharthana, Baran-Atru, and Peepalda assembly constituencies and many villages along the border of Madhya Pradesh state will be able to travel conveniently. Besides, repairing of roads of about 183 km length on various national highways will also be completed in the current financial year and a budget of Rs. 90 crores have been allocated for it.

The Deputy CM also informed that the approvals for all the mentioned works have been received, and relief will be provided to the public by completing the work soon through the Public Works Department. Also, Pilot reached Bhuri Bhadaj to pay tribute to the uncle of MLA Indraj Gurjar. Later, Pilot reached Thanagazi to attend all caste mass wedding programme.

Blame Game: Pilot interacted with media where he spoke on why Congress MLAs of Maharashtra have been brought to Rajasthan. He said that now BJP has the fear as they weren’t able to form the government for two weeks. Pilot added that BJP and its supporters are now making fun of the majority by saying that we have got the majority to sit in the opposition.