Yeh shaam mastani…

Diwali is long gone and the dust of the cracker of a time has settled but the warmth of the post-Diwali party has kept Jaipur cosy for quite some time now. Be it the bureaucrats or Page 3 personalities, the Diwali Sneh Milan has been the in-thing these days. And one of the most talked about Diwali Milan events was the one held by the IAS Association at the residence of the Chief Secretary. The IAS Association is an organization of serving members of the Indian Administrative Service but the association keeps in touch with retired IAS officers too. Every year, the association hosts Diwali Milan and then one more at Holi to stay connected and meet up with each other’s families. It’s that bandhan thing… the feel good factor!

This year, mainly three facets of the evening have made it a talking point in the city long after the warmth of the evening has worn off. Usually, around 120 members turn up for the evening but this year, the numbers crossed 250 which is a first of its kind. In an informal conversation, Chief Secretary D B Gupta revealed that this time the number of attendees went beyond expectation mainly due to a practice initiated by him (D B Gupta) of personally calling up the retired IAS officers and inviting them. This respectful gesture made a huge difference to boost their fellow feeling. The CS also gave credit to better half and wife Veenu Gupta as he feels her presence had a positive impact also because of her own circle of Lady IAS Officers Club, which holds it’s own events. The bonding was very much evident in the evening. Another idea to divide all in-service officers and give each of them a group of guests to invite and stay in touch also helped.

Usually these evenings would just be about meeting and talking but Veenu and DB Gupta decided to add a little dash of magic to these get-togethers and live music was part of it. The evening was highly enriched by the after dinner impromptu rendition of hit numbers by the bureaucrats. Both DB Gupta and Veenu took up the mike. Arvind Mayaram’s singing prowess astounded everyone who heard him for the first time!

The other talking point was the beautifully decorated and lit up residence of the Chief Secretary. The aesthetically and soberly lit up home with lights, candles and flowers gave a surreal feeling to the entire evening which raised the dignity of the institution of the Chief Secretary. The sparkling residence was the perfect background to the evening of bonhomie and conversation that flowed subsequently. One thing is for sure, the annual CS residence IAS Association Diwali Sneh Milan will be an event looked forward to and marked on the calendar from this year for all the invitees.

It is because of the fact that there’s will be something mastani in Woh Shaam!

Photos of the CS Residence on the evening of Diwali Milan